Exclusive Summer Deals & Discounts for CMS Members

As summer vacation season kicks into full swing, so does the summer travel bug. Travel, water parks, theme parks, concerts and events top the list of vacation activities. But how do you maximize fun while minimizing out-of-pocket costs?

As a CMS member, you already have access to incredible savings at your fingertips. Because of our purchasing power, we are able to pass through valuable benefits, programs and services for our members. A great example is the Working Advantage network, which allows CMS members to save up to 60 percent on ticketed events and online shopping.

blog-graphic-summer-offers.pngHow Do I Get Access?

  1. Login to your Member Benefits in the CMS online portal and click on the ‘Entertainment’ tab
  2. Click on the ‘Working Advantage’ icon
  3. Call the 800-number or click on the link for access to the Working Advantage website to register
  4. Be sure to enter the CMS Member ID located on the page

By extending some budget-saving tips to your vacation planning, you won’t be stuck breaking the bank with your summer getaway. Sure, it might take a little more preparation ahead of time, but knowing you got a nice deal will help you relax the time away. Happy planning and vacationing this summer!


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